Our New Book!

Energy Warriors
Overcoming Cancer and Crisis with the Power of Qigong

Photo by Toni Tan

We are proud to announce a collaboration with a true warrior, Robert Ellal. Bob fought, and won, his battle with cancer. Not once, but four times.

Stress and crisis were part of the journey.
He tells a great, true tale, with a wicked sense of humor and an equally wicked way with words. He is a tough guy. He is an Energy Warrior. As a martial artist, qigong was part of his healing.

Master Lawrence Tan presents a Qigong manual, including introductory postures, his own Universal Form, breath and visualization exercises. These easy to do exercises are for everyone, with photos by Toni Tan.

Got crisis? You can begin practice immediately, and start managing the stress. Join us…and become an ENERGY WARRIOR.

[Release Date October 2012, Divine Arts]

Available for Pre-order Energy Warriors
Visit us:


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