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Master Tan Standing Pose

“Don’t confuse symmetry with balance.” ~Tom Robbins

What’s the difference between health and wellness? Think about Mr. Robbin’s quote in terms of health and wellness. The two are interrelated, though not synonymous. If health is the symmetry, wellness is the balance.

Levels of health vary for all of us. You do, to some extent, have control over your health. Even if you have illness or disease, you can find your healthiest self.

Wellness is a dynamic, long road of maximizing your health, finding your equilibrium and potential by adjusting to the bumps along the way. Your well being is 100% up to you. It’s not about what happens to you that defines you, it’s how you react to it. Hemingway way said the world breaks everyone, and afterwards, some are strong at the broken places.

The path is not easy. Wishing won’t work. Neither will worrying. Or doing nothing. Your growth requires an action plan. And a good attitude.
It’s your journey. How will you travel the road?

TanDao, with our videos, podcasts, books, and classes, is a sign post along the way. C’mon, walk with us for a while…


TanDao Wellness Podcasts

TanDao Martial Arts and Wellness


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    Fit blog! Thanks for following my blog. 🙂

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